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Organic and Natural Carb Blocker: White Kidney Bean Extract

Organic and Natural Carb Blocker

White Kidney Bean Extract

If you’re looking for a carb blocker that’s natural and organic, White Kidney Bean Extract is a great option. It contains only natural ingredients and is considered the best natural carbohydrate blocker. The supplement contains other plant-based ingredients that compliment the benefits of the main ingredient – the White Kidney Bean. These ingredients work together to support energy levels and promote healthy weight management.

kidney beans

The active ingredient in white kidney beans which gets extracted is called phaseolus vulgaris, which effectively prevents the pancreas from secreting amylase. Amylase is an enzyme that breaks down starch and turns it into sugar. After you’ve swallowed it, however, stomach acid stops the enzyme from working properly. Amylase, a type of enzyme that breaks down starch, is then released by the pancreas, which finishes the job of breaking down carbohydrates. This is what turns starch into glucose, the body’s main source of fuel. If 1.5 grams of the supplement is taken with a carb heavy meal, over half the calories coming from complex, starchy carbs will not get digested and instead will ferment in your intestines. The only side effect most people experience from this process is slight bloating and sometimes excessive gas.

While there are many different types of carb blockers on the market, white kidney bean extract seems to be the most effective. A review of the evidence from 2020 concluded that the extract may promote a small amount of weight loss over 30 days. The results showed that this product works best when combined with a high-carb diet. This product isn’t a permanent solution, however. A healthy lifestyle is the key to weight loss.